What readers are saying about Just CrossStitch magazine

I love your magazine! There's always something in it that I want to stitch!

The new Sampler Sleuth, artist biography, and designer Q&A sections make the magazine more interesting and enjoyable to sit down and read.

I love this magazine the most. The articles in each mag are very interesting and I love all of the projects.

I do always look forward to the magazine coming in the mailbox. Love the holiday editions.

I always look forward and enjoy every issue of Just CrossStitch that I received.

I have loved this magazine, always renew - and always will. Don't always have time to stitch but love to keep up with new techniques, flosses and other materials.

I love this magazine! I have subscribed to it for probably 25 years! Keep up the great work!

Getting Just CrossStitch in the mail makes my day. Thanks for all you do to preserve the old needlework traditions while keeping it fresh!

I really like how you show what the finished work will look like. I also appreciate the clarity and sharpness of the diagrams -- it makes the pattern so much easier to read. I absolutely love the picture quality of the finished projects -- they make you want to just dive in and start stitching. The articles are well-written and even beginners can understand what the article is about. I just love your magazine. I will always be an avid reader and crafter of the beautiful projects in Just CrossStitch magazine.

I have subscribed to Just CrossStitch for about 25 years and have always loved the magazine. It introduces topics that are both informative and helpful.